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Does fibromyalgia "pop up" one day and then gone the next? Can it be alleviated with ibuprofen?

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kaismama 16 May 2014

Not for me for sure, I've had it since I was a child, but its one of those things that you realize you've really been aching and for months. And it won't go away, although you have times you feel better then your worst, its in waves. NSAIDS seldom help because its not an inflammatory disease, and they are anti inflammatories. There are few medications that do anything for the pain, as far as analgesics (pain meds). Opiates don't work well on us because of the way they work in the brain. Things like lyrica and gabapentin help.

sara12345 1 Aug 2014

Kaismama, Recently I went down from 15 mcg of Butrans patches to 10 mcg. My fibromyalgia got far worse. How do you account for that? In time do you think that my fibromyalgia would calm down again? I had to go back on to the full 15 mcg because of that and because my migraines got far worse as well--as my neurologist had warned me. Thanks for any input that you may have.

Savannity cats 16 May 2014

Hahahaha. No my friend you must have something else. Sorry to make light of your condition it's just that fibromyalgia is not an iffy condition. When you read the diagnosis you get an eureka moment. The only thing I use ibuprofen for is the occasional migraine. Once you have fibromyalgia you can't shake it. And you usually can trace symptoms back into childhood or adolescence. I'm sorry for your pain though keep looking there has to be an explanation.

StephO 17 May 2014

I have fibromyalgia. I have read the other replies and i have to disagree with them. While the severe fibro symptoms come in waves... i do have pain one day and better the next type symptoms as well. If i do too much today and exert myself or do something out of the norm i know the next day im gonna be laid up in bed the next day with pain. This pain may only last a day or two for me. Then theirs times that i just hurt and ache all over non stop for weeks straight which feels to me more like a out right flare up. My back hurts me daily no matter what i do or dont do. Ibuprofen does not help my fibro pain at all. I take prescription Tramadol twice daily for pain. My pain is ALWAYS bad in the morning when i wake up so i immediately take my Tramadol. In the am i also take 2 Ibuprofen at the same time with it. The 2 meds together seem to help my pain especially after getting out of the hot shower. However the Ibuprofen alone does not help. No harm in trying it though.

Skg72012 17 May 2014

I totally agree with you. This is my fibro. I can't tolerate fibro meds at all, and I can't take nsaids, so I'm left with dealing with the pain as best as I can. Because I also have degenerative disk disease I can take oxy, but that is a last resort for me. Hot showers and baths in epsom salts help me force through as well as very slow and short walks when I can. I agree... keeping trying to find what helps you and don't overdo it on the good days. free discount card

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