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Does your Fibromyalgia pain get worse when you're on your period?

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kaismama 18 Oct 2013

Mine always did, and when I was pregnant I felt great. My big problem has always been my legs, and when I had my period, my legs would hurt so bad I wanted to cry.

srgryclown 18 Oct 2013

Thanks. Its all over... the flu-like aches plus it hurts to walk or use my hands. When I was pregnant with my last child my fibromyalgia got worse not better.

kaismama 18 Oct 2013

Take heart, your period will come to an end, lolol

MacIntosh12 18 Oct 2013

Hi srgryclown,
Absolutely! Always makes the pain much worse. My heart goes out to you, keep smiling if possible, it creates endorphins that will make you feel better!

DzooBaby 18 Oct 2013

YES!! It also intensifies my back pain too! I havent had a period in almost 4 months (could an end be in sight??? ) I am 47, so it shouldnt be too much longer, I hope! lol

Emeraldgirl 18 Oct 2013

Hello SC
The reason why your Fibromyalgia (FM) gets worse when on your period is because FM takes your period pain (PP) and makes it worse, widespread and prolonged.So if you can identify where the source of your pain is coming from and treat that pain than FM will improve. For me I get back PP. So if I take my muscle relaxant which improves my back PP it also improves my FM.
Take care

Darling Di 18 Oct 2013

YES! Right there with you right now! LOL I guess its good to know we are not alone. It was also good to hear that while pregnant, FM symptoms were reduced. I would love to hear more about this if anyone has additional info. That is actually really reassuring as I'm trying to get off my meds but have no idea how I will function for 9+++ months without Lyrica! Thanks ladies!

MacIntosh12 14 Nov 2013

Hi Darling Di,
Sorry I'm so late with this, but I must share with you, when I was pregnant I NEVER, ever felt better in my entire life! No aches, nothing! My wee girl took it all away while she "cooked" in my womb.

I'm so happy for you, you're going to meet someone new very soon and be without pain for a while, maybe you should stay pregnant? Ha ha!

sara12345 18 Oct 2013

I'm so sorry to hear that your pain is worse when you have your period. Take it from someone who went into an early menopause. At least with every period, you get youth hormones. Because after it ends, your body does age in many ways, even with estrogen replacement.

Emeraldgirl 19 Oct 2013

I have said it before and I will say it again women who go through the menopause do not complain enough! I was put on a drug which sent me into the menopause (That was the intention). It was awful! Hot flushes woman say. Hot flush followed by cold sweating. I was mopping myself down with kitchen roll at work! At night you cannot sleep for the same reason. In addition you cannot get your words out. You know what you want to say but cannot find the words! Now that I have had a 'taster' I am not looking forward to the real thing!

sara12345 19 Oct 2013

You may not go through that when you go into menopause. Not everyone does. But the long term effects are going to happen.

kova 8 Nov 2013

For sure it does for me! Ive also got endometrosis and recently had the laproscopic surgery and an IUD put in to help take my period and endo pain. Low and behold, after a month Ive had a constant period and all the fun stuff that comes with it. I really wish you all the best with your flare ups! Weather is a major contributing factor for me as well, does that make it worse for any of you? free discount card

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