I have fibromyalgia. I currently take Savella for the fibro and back it up with 50mg of Imiprimine before bed time to help me sleep and to help with my headaches/sometimes migraines. This combination has been very helpful. I do sometime get a break through tension headache for which I take Fiorcet or if it turns into a migraine I will take imitrex. However, now that winter has come along with the stresses of the holidays, I'm having more pain in my knee and lower back at times. The Fiorcet doesn't help with this pain and due to ulcers, I can't take ibuprofin or aspring. Tylenol just doesn't touch this pain. Since it's just occasional, I don't really want to be on another script I have to take on a daily basis. Does anyone take anything for occasional pain that doesn't have asprin or ibuprofin in it? I'm going to see my rhumetologist this week. Also, I don't want to sound like an addict. What is the best way to ask for something? Thanks!