Hi all! I am brand new here & just asked a question like this last night... I think it was in a more "general" area of this website, though.(?)
I need to ask if anyone that takes long acting oxycontin, has ever had to substitute for the short acting IR, and how you did this, safely? (15mg. is what I have for my "breakthrough pain.) I'm in a terrible situation, and was unable to fill my 40mg. oxy. script before this weekend. ( I take 20mg. also that I don't have yet, either.)
For whatever reason, my wonderful pain doc. doesn't have an emergency service & only says go to ER for emerg. (which I feel in my area, won't be worth it~not great hospital.) He was 1st. doc. that actually believed that pain meds are made for those of us in "pain." Imagine that?! He's been terrific for almost 9 yrs, but it's terrible that he doesn't have emergency answering
So, no place to turn w/ this problem, until I can call Dr's office on Monday.
( family doc wanted no part of pain med from other doctor~which I get to a certain extent~but now what?) How do they leave a mother of 2 without correct med. after 9 years on this same amount of med.
Just because I ended up hurt, with "extra" pain,doesn't mean I want to be looked at/ treated like, I am right off the streets or something & I'm just taking this medication for "fun." It's so unfair. To live on such medicines for so much pain, is scary enough. Who needs to be judged by others who don't want to understand, at all.
Anyway, I appreciate anything anyone knows about any of this.
I'm a single mom, who's newly divorced & living w/ my parents now, who don't seem to" believe" in fibro./ or me having it, for some odd reason?
I do have other health issues, so I wish so badly, that they would educate themselves on fibro."before" judging. I don't quite get it? ( maybe it's just guilt, that 's covered up w/ their denial, as Dr's have ased why my pain, as a teenager, was never taken care of... don't know.)
I just know that I honestly need some support right now. This has been a difficult weekend~as I said, it's scary when you're a mom. Want to be "safe" as I can be. ( amazingly, I am also caring for our little doggie, who I picked up 2 nights ago, from the animal hosp.~we almost lost her. I am dealing w/ her needs~meds. & bandages, etc, etc... and then this happened w/ my own medication.
It was too soon to fill. I listened to my Dr. who suggested to take a few more if I had extra pain~that was caused by the most physical work I've ever done. I just moved most of what my kids & I owned, over past few months,out of my old home, after my divorce, myself! ( had trouble getting anyone who could help.) Needless to say, it was too soon @ the Rx, to fill my 40mg. oxy, and nobody would help there~even for the weekend.(?) Very odd to me, because I've been on same meds for almost 9 yrs. coming from same pharmacist. He was fearful of losing his license, he said.
( I do understand~but still lost, since I could never pay out-of pocket, as it was going to be $700.00! )
If anyone has any advice or words of comfort or wisdom, I'd be SO, SO THANKFUL, right now! I feel quite alone with this, as the adults in my house would not understand at all, I'm afraid. Maybe you have to live w/ this level of pain, to realize how serious it really is. (though I've come across some very kind people that don't have fibro. & they are more empathetic than my own family.) Nobody chooses to have this illness, do we?
Wow~I've written a lot. Sorry! Long day for me.
Would love any help at all, from fellow-fibro-family? Pretty please!