I just wanted to update all of the very important people that make a huge difference in the daily lives of other people! I have been a part of this site for a very long time but due to health issues I have been unable to do things on a daily basis like I would like to be able to do, and recently (February 10) I lost my mother who was 94 years old she suddenly was in renal failure and witha potassium level that was so very high she died within 3 days of the diagnosis, I was so very fortunate to have her and to be able to take care of her! She had her mental status intact, she was on no medications and was one of those individuals who loved caring for others and did so until just a couple of years before she became ill and had to stay at home and I did everything that was within the realms of possiblilities to make sure that her wishes were carried out just as she wanted them to be! I feel so fortunate that I was blessed to be able to care for her and for her to be able to remain at home and not be in any Nursing facility or to be chronically hospitalized! I have heard it said in times past that there are worse things than death and truthfully I thought thats as bad as it can get but when one considers some people and the physical difficulties that they are plagued with then it is sure food for thought! I remain in my own home at first I had Church family that was prepared for me to come and live with them they wereabsolute angels to me during the whole time, it is just not the same! I must admit living in a home by yourself can be really lonely but one thing is for sure I care about the way that I affect other peoples lives, if you don't rest well and you are home then you can get up muttle through the house and not feel that you are making noise that may disturb other people, as many of you know I don't have brothers or sisters and to be honest I think I would have concerns about being in on them because I think it can change not only your routine but the routine of others. and I have found that what I thought just prior to this happening is different than what I feel at the pesent time, I believe that God gives us strength and that with support from friends and people around us (and on this site) that we just have to move on grief is not easy and you just have to take time and allow the process to go on as I have commented I have vertigo and extreme dizziness, Antivert was one of the first things that was tried but then after a period of time and some falls the doctor placed me on a very low dose of Valium, it has not completely taken care of it and I am cautious about getting up and down and move slower, I have a cousin who is visiting at the moment he can do his job from the labtop here and so I just don't jump in the shower and take unnecessary chances. I am scheduled for a brain scan a head scan and a ton of laboratory work that is to be done tomorrow, the doctor does not have reservations about giving these medications it is the doctors concern that they do not cover a real medical issue up only to find out later that if they had been vigilant then they would not be dealing with problems that could have been fixed. I am trying my best to answer a few questions here and there, I want to return to this site and I want to be able to help as many people as possible. I once again send my very sincere Thanks to each and everyone of you I have tried to confine this to cause as little paper work on the site team as possible, I would ask that if you know that another individual won't fall into the category of fibro or pain then I would greatly appreciate it if you would pass this along to them! as I have said before I will say again I think prayers are a very powerful tool and I would just greatly appreciate it if you would continue to keep me in yours! I wish only the very best for each and every one of you along with God's blessings again I Thank You so very very much! Caringsonbj (Billy)