My wife has fibromyalgia she has had surgery on her neck that was supposed to ease the pain to less than noticeable to cut the dependency on pain pills. That surgery did not work. She is currently deciding on whether or not to have the same surgery on her back but since the neck surgery was ineffective she's not sure. She is currently prescribed 240 oxycodone 30mg and 180 dilaudid 8mg. The oxy works wonders on her pain she can get things done and live her life pain free. She is ordered to take 2 oxy every 4-6 hours and totally 8 oxy a day ong with 6 dilaudid a day. She only takes the oxycodone however because the dilaudid makes her sick and makes her feel "weird" it also does not relieve the pain nearly as good as the oxy. My question is does anyone think she could ask her doctor to keep the same oxycodone script but swap OxyContin for the dilaudid so she has something for breakthrough pain as well as a time release pain killer so she doesn't have to take anymore dilaudid and can take something that will compliment the 30s and last a lot longer to keep the pain away and again like I said use the oxy 30 for breakthrough pain?