... painful bone marrow biopsy, it appears that it is not BM cancer. I have so many symptoms. I only know that I have paraprotein in my blood. My symptoms started off minimal and then grew greater. I have off/on internal itching in throat, scalp, neck, stomach, chest, etc. I have terrible off/on bone pain, swollen and painful lymph nodes (the one in the back of my neck always remain enlarged), deep muscle pain and twitches, shortness of breath, lung and breathing issues, muscles issues, bones that stick out in my back. I’ve had a throat infection, sinus infection, gum infection, and now eye infection (eyes are swollen). I have been having panic attacks since June of last year that among other issues have sent me to the ER 15 times last year. I have flat rashes on the skin that have been diagnosed as being tinea versicolor. I have had 3 MRI’s, 2 CT Scans, and several x-rays. Nothing has been found yet, and I always have feelings that I am about to die. It is really scary. All of a sudden I went from perfectly healthy with a great immune system to having complex health problems.
My greatest worry now is that for about a month I have started having this electrical sensation that spreads throughout my body. I found out that I am anemic, but now I am having these cold feelings inside of my body with prickly/electric sensations. I think that it may be neurological, but last year I saw a neurologist who ran test (MRI, Nerve test) that came back fine. The dr's can't find anything so now the Hema dr is saying that it may be Fibro. I have no children, been pregnant 2x that resulted in MC, now just found out that I am pregnant again. I was in the ER the other day due to vaginal bleeding, which later was diagnosed as a hemorrhaging cyst. I have a low density clavarium in my brain. I am worried that I am just being passed around. This terrible electrical sensation that goes throughout my body scares me. Any help?