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Fibromyalgia - Is anyone taking Savella successfully?

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Inactive 11 Jul 2011

Sorry fisannie, but there are dozens of medications to help for pain, fibro etc., and each person is different from the rest. Someone might be doing great on Savella, whereas another could be sick and gain weight from the same amount. It's a trial and error kind of thing. You just have to find what works for YOU, not what works for others. You might try asking the question "what meds work for you guys with... conditions". Then you would have an idea of all the side effects and other meds that work for other people rather than one med at a time. GOOD LUCK!

Inactive 11 Jul 2011

Hi fisannie,
Just hang on a little while, and someone that is taking Savella will answer your question soon.
I also have FM, yet have not tried it yet. I've tried the ususal suspects; neurontin, lyrica, and cymbalta, but was allergic to all three.
I sure would love to know how you are doing on Savella though. Keep posting!!
We FM sufferers need to stick together to support each other, so welcome to this site, if you are new.

Inactive 11 Jul 2011

I do not have an answer for you either, but am going to ask my doctor about trying it on the 22nd. Sometimes it takes awhile for some of these drugs to take effect. You didn't give much info like how long you have been taking it etc... I would give it some time, & then if it doesn't work as my friend Sweetlemon said there are other drugs that help with fibro pain. I was on Lyrica & it helped tremendosly, but now my insurance has refused to pay due to an error on paperwork. Please let us know how you are doing on the Savella so we all know if it helps or not.Best of luck to you...

fisannie 11 Jul 2011

Thanks all for your answers. I realize that we all are different,but I just wanted to hear a success story. I was taking Lyrica a couple of years ago but I gained tremendous weight and obesity is not an option for depression and sleep apnea and all the other stuff. My Doc. gave me the 2 wk. titration pack and I am only on my 7th day so can't tell anything yet. No weight gain so far and no bad side effects,so that's a plus. I'll keep you informed if I can remember to do so... I have brain fog due to more than fibro.

LaurieShay 11 Jul 2011

Hey fisannie,

Just wanted to share that I have a dear friend with fibro and she takes Savella with much success. As you know everyone is different but you will know soon. Stay positive and let us know how it goes,


Inactive 11 Jul 2011

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