It took me a hour for me to calm my nerves... overactive nerves. Oh the pain it's horrible almost in tears. It's almost like these goosebumps but they are under my skin

I took Toradal, Lyrica, and Ultram... nothing seems to help at this point. With this combination of medication, but thare are times I need strong painkillers. I can sure use one right now. Unfortunately, my primary family doctor won't prescribe me painkillers just the ultram--- the closest can get to pain meds. It's better something than nothing at all.

I have a appointment with a specialist next month (March), hopefully the doctor will put me on stronger pan meds thand tt is stronger that what I'm on now.

In case you didn't know, that stress/anxiety does trigger attack? I noticed this en I put two and two together and sure enough I had all of the symptoms.

I'm feeling better now... I just I needed to read the posts... distraction.