... wellbutrion, celexa, effexer and probably some other stuff I dont even remember. Nothing has helped. Lyrica and nerotion helped alittle but not much. I am in pain all the time. I dont sleep, I am constantly exhausted. I feel like I am wearing a lead suit my body is so heavy. I am young 31 yrs old and have 2 growing boys to keep up with along with their messes. My back hurts the most but x-ray shows nothing unusual. I also have the usual fibro tenderness & pain in my neck, shoulders, arms and thighs. Due to my age my dr wont even consider narcotic pain management. I have been on oxy 20mg in another city & state but cant get records it was years ago. Should I get another dr or does anyone have any advice on things I havent tried that wouldnt require narcotics. I also take xanax 1mg 3x a day and paxil 20mg for PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Just so you all know my other medical issues