... really sure. The dr. kept me on the kadian 60 mg. 2x a day but I can throw in a extra 30 mg capsule through-out the day if needed. I still don't really get that since I have been trying to explain to the dr that I cannot predict when I need more pain relief and if it is the extended 12 hr release by the time I know I need it isn't it too late? He also started me on 150 mg generic wellbutrin sr once a day. I am really hoping things start getting better because I am at the end of my rope!!! I had asked him about the prestiq because I have been soooo tired lately but he wrote the wellbutrin. I'm not even sure what my ? is, I guess I just need some encouragement because I am feeling totally alone in all of this. I am pushing everyone away and choosing to be alone which I know is not good but I can't help myself. I don't feel like anyone around me is understanding what I am going through and I am almost convincing myself that "it's all in my head". I'm not looking for sympathy just some hope or understanding. I guess if I need to post a ? it would be how long til the wellbutrin might help? I really need something even just a little sign of hope, or at least someone who understands