... warmer weather. The cold nights last winter were brutal and I never felt really "well". So I have been doing great recently-until today. I felt achy in joints and muscles last night, and this morning could barely make it out of bed. And after I went to the bathroom, I felt so badly I went back to bed and to sleep for hours. Now its 3pm and I'm up and I feel slightly better, but still not good enough to go out to the garden, or grocery shopping. No energy, lethargy, just want to eat popsicles and watch movies. Which doesn't sound bad for a Saturday in the summer. But I am an active person and sitting around is hard for me. What would have brought this on yesterday. Maybe just fatigue from going all the time? Just so happy to feel good that I maybe overdid it for a couple of months? I didn't think I was overdoing it at the time. I am usually tired at the end of the day, but not overly so. I need input from you guys. Thanks, pc