... that day givin clairitian-D 12 hour for my symptoms of burning skin and rashes that popup all over, and it has helped alot, I stop taking in the summer months except on occasion because i wasnt getting a huge effect as before, however I had started again and feel alot better. It takes about 2 weeks of every day use to feel a little better but if u suffer from what i call the dont touch me's u may want to ask ur doctor for this.
I also wonder, Im allergic to anti inflames and asprin and well almost everything , does anyone else have meds sensitivity. If so what is suggested for symptoms of fibro, i get an inner body hot thing where i feel im gona burst into flames, not to mention the sick feeling of the flu aches pains, my eyelashes even hurt along with and other sore sensitive spots, I have tryed what i feel to be every thing, i called bristol and meyers, the newset drug Orinciea, sounds great till she got to the T Cell. which is thyroid I have and the phosphates, im allergic, but maybe can help one of you, though is a daily shot, some dont like but i take 1500mg of B-12 every month so im used to this, hope any of this helps someone as i know , the day my X husband said why do you yell in your sleep because i cover you up. stating my toe tips hurt and a program of the same aired the same week i knew i was in for more the just arthritis... thankx