... find out I may have had it for years and not aware of what it was. It just went into full bloom in Sept. I have been going to two different doctors. One a conventional doctor and one a homeopathic doctor. I wanted different view points on the subject. Both have tried different things. Im having some relief with both. My conv. doc. put me on 10mg of Elavil at night to help me sleep. It has been wonderful. I didnt believe I had a sleep disorder until I tried Elavil. I thought I was just a light sleeper. Go figure! Two weeks ago my homeopathic doc. tried "Trigger Point Injections" in my shoulders. This treatment helps some but not all. I was one of the not all. Boy was it painfull. Never again. Yesterday my cov. doc prescribed Lyrica. Im very apprehensive of this drug. Can anyone give me some input on the side effects please???