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I too have fibromyalgia--what has helped you with sleep and IBS-C?

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kaismama 13 Sep 2013

I take amitriptyline and sometimes melatonin. It takes learning to shut your mind up so you don't lay and worry. No tv or PC 2 hrs before bed and learning to put any problems on your mind in a box for the might and only thinking of pleasant things. Go to bed at the same time every night.

jcoffman 13 Sep 2013

Thanks again.

kaismama 16 Sep 2013

Here's something else I thought about last night. The kind of mattress you have makes a difference. I've found I need one that makes no pressure on my tender points and my lower back rests on it. Water beds are the best for me (try finding one these days) because it does this and is warm. Air mattresses are second best. Currently I'm sleeping on my good old coleman air mattress because its the most comfortable.

sara12345 13 Sep 2013

What helps me to sleep is Trazodone which has also greatly helped my fibromyalgia. Thank goodness with my severe migraines and trigeminal neuralgia and all of my other ailments--LOL.

jcoffman 14 Sep 2013


bruthd 15 Sep 2013

Isn't trazadone an older medication used for sleep? How does it help your fibro? BRuthD

Inactive 13 Sep 2013

Hi - I have fibro, about 7 yrs now, and Crohns Disease (in the family of IBS) for over 28+ years. I have trouble sleeping, and once asleep, have trouble falling asleep. I have to be careful that I NOT take anything too strong or I will not be able to get out of bed in a rush, if needed, when diarrhea hits. Currently I am on Dalmane, normally used for insomnia. I take a lot of meds and have a high tolerance, so OTC's are a waste of money. However, anything designed to keep one asleep for 7-8 hrs and I may just find myself in a mess when I wake. Been on the Dalmane a while, and have found it works best when I DO NOT take every night. If I am feeling that diarrhea may be a problem, I skip it. Going to bed and getting up at same time for a few weeks, whether you sleep or not, usually resets the body's internal clock.

jcoffman 14 Sep 2013

Thanks; best wishes to you!

MacIntosh12 13 Sep 2013

Hi jcoffman,
Welcome to the Fibromyalgia support group, if you are a newbie.

I too, like kaismama, use amitriptyline for sleep. It works like a charm most nights!
Can't help you with the other problem, though, sorry.
Best wishes to you,

jcoffman 14 Sep 2013


jcoffman 14 Sep 2013


Emeraldgirl 13 Sep 2013

Hello Jcoffman and welcome to
I am another one on amitriptyline 25mg at night. I am sorry cannot help with IBS. Everyone I know with IBS d not take any medications. Hopefully some one will advise you n this matter.
Take care

jcoffman 14 Sep 2013


Emeraldgirl 14 Sep 2013

your welcome

butterflylynn 16 Sep 2013

I just recently started on a drug called Restoril (genetic name is Temazepam) which is for sleep.
I have taken several different meds for sleep & this is the best I have found. Plus the Generic brand is only
$ 15 month without insurance but it is prescription med. I have alot of chronic pain & Fibro & a list of other conditions & I was lucky too get 4 hours sleep & that was waking up constantly.
Now I take it & 30 min. Later I am out for about 9 hours & not waking up once.. It is a miracle !
As fast as IBS goes I take Probiotics daily & it helps with my digestion system.
Good luck ! Kathy

jcoffman 16 Sep 2013

Thank you for your advice! Blessings!

Emeraldgirl 16 Sep 2013

Just a quick note about Temazepam. Whilst it is excellent at what it does, unfortunately doctors don't like to prescribe it because it can be addictive. In fact they are reluctant to prescribe any drug from this family of medications called Benzodiazepine. I am on a similar drug called Diazepam. I use it as a muscle relaxant. I get no end of grief from my doctor, its like getting blood out of a stone sometimes!
Take care

pancho2013 16 Sep 2013

i use a natural 10 mg melatonin and it works great for me. I also take trazodone 150 mg at night PRN. I was on ambien but it worked the opposite for me... It is very experimental with sleep meds.. Some work great for others while they do absolutely nothing for the rest of us lol. Some people take their pain med right before bed time if they make you drowsy.. you could get a good night sleep while helping with the pain (2 birds in one stone); however, my pain meds keep me awake (percocet). so good luck and please find you something that works to get you some QUALITY REST. IT IS ESSENTIAL TO YOUR BODY's OVERALL PHYSICALITY WHEN HAVING FIBROMYALGIA! a good nights sleep means a world of difference on the mind/body/spirit. Good luck/GOD BLESS>

jcoffman 16 Sep 2013

Thank you for the advice; and God BLess You Too! free discount card

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