... Rheumatology. Have seen Neuro/infectious disease. ID found elevated titer/elev EBV-so take Acyclovir prn. Most concerned with Chronic pain/Fibro-horrible nocturnal leg/arm cramps. Keeps me up a lot, lots of Fibro fog, memory impairment. Taking 2000mg Neurontin, 100mg Tramadol q 6 hrs prn pain, 20mg Flexeril, 1mg Xanax three times daily. Nothing works for the leg/arm cramps. Also Dx with Chronic Fatigue. Sleep most of the day , very tired and weak. Any suggestions?? Going through SSD w/an attorney. All my Drs. document not curable, perm disabled. Also Hx of severe depression, but cannot take anti depressants and I've tried them all