I've recently been in excruciating pain in all my joints & I've been tested for numerous things that may be causing it... however, my mother told me (right after I saw a rheumatologist 3 days ago). That my grandmother had fibromyalgia. What are some of the signs or symptoms that someone w/fibromyalgia may exhibit??? This is really wearing on me & I am worried I could be misdiagnosed or simply be tossed aside if my doctor and the rheumatologist decide to give up on trying to diagnose me because at this point my symptoms seem erratic: exhaustion, horrible pain in all my joints, body temperature spiking suddenly then dropping just as quickly a little while later, muscles are hurting & I can't contribute the muscle pain and tension to anything... There are other symptoms but I'm feeling so overwhelmed with all of this that i can only think of a few symptoms right now. Sorry if this is too long or confusing, but I truly appreciate your help everyone!