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Fibromyalgia - Has anyone tryed Requip for fibro pain... if so how did it work for you... thanks?

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Nana6xs 20 Oct 2010

Hi oceanluvr, No, I haven't tried Requip, but I did try Cymbalta, and it did work pretty well in combination with the Percocets, but I had to stop getting the Cymbalta because I couldn't afford the co-pay for it. My insurance company was billing us $80.00 a month for it, and when my husband and I had 8 other scripts to get filled also each month, we just couldn't keep getting it. We're paying $300.00 a month in co-pays now for just the bare essentials and that's a lot on a fixed income... Good Luck

brenda fain 21 Oct 2010

it i s just unreal the prices we have to pay for meds !and those who don't have insurance ,either have to suffer like we do or either get medicaid which means they pay three bucks for meds .it is true you can get some meds on the three dollar plan at some stores but not pain meds or depression meds ect.
to me this is a shame just because we hurt or need other meds doesn't mean we are weak or less of a person ! and just because we have insurance doesn't mean we have the money for meds !we have other things to pay too!

and i like you do with out a lot of meds i need because i can't afford them! and i'm covered by two insurances blue cross /blue shield and medicare and still can't afford my meds ! and i'm tired of hurting i didn't ask for back surgery ,fibromyalgia ,liver problems or chronic pain !

you might try savella and see if it will work for you .the doctor might have samples to give you mine did .but it helped with the pain but caused my blood pressure to rise !

thanks for sharing good luck!

Inactive 21 Oct 2010

Hey everyone, just wanted you to know this 'little' trick I found out. I call it a trick because NO ONE tells you about it. By accident, we were looking up the meds that I take and guess what??? THEY ALL HAD COUPONS!!! Even the ones who have insurance can use these coupons! Google the medication web site, and start clicking away. sometimes they are hard to find, but they are there! My med co-payment is $50.00, and some meds, I only pay 10.00, others 15.00, but I have NOT paid $50.00 since we found this by accident. What really fumes me is the fact that it is not a well known fact. Apparently, it must be a law that the drug manufacturers (not generic) must offer these coupons, but they don't have to let anyone know about it. Also, your pharmacist has coupons too! So does your doctor. I never feel embarassed to ask my doctor for coupons or samples whenever I see him, including for meds that i get from other doctors.

505eva 22 Oct 2010

Once my dr. gave me a coupon/offer to use, but the mail order (caremark) place refused to take it because I had insurance.

Why do drug companies have to spend big bucks on advertising on tv and in magazines? That's just adding to the $ we have to pay for our meds. free discount card

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