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Fibromyalgia - Has anyone tryed Nortriptyline for Fibromyalga if so did it help you?

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bonniecna 17 Oct 2010

when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1999, the first med they prescribed was Nortriptyline. It helped for awhile but I wasn't educated enough at the time to understand that "it WASN'T ALL in my head".
I thought I was getting anti-depressants cause they thought my "pain" was a symptom of depression. That was hard for me to swallow. I don't think I gave it a chance to really work.
I've learned alot since then. That anti-depressants help a wide number of disorders and It's as good a shot as any of them.
I take Tramadol for pain, Flexeril as a muscle relaxer, and Klonopin, an anti-depressant. The Klonopin also helps me get a good nights rest cause without it, I'd hurt like crazy.

oceanluvr 17 Oct 2010

I have tried mostly antidepressants for pain but my pain is much worse... I did a quiz and got a 94 when most people with fibro get around 50. My pain has become unmanagablec... I need help... I'm at the end of my rope... PLEASE HELP!!!

geekygranny 17 Oct 2010

Dear Bonnie,

These are what I take for fibro via prescription: Klonopin, Cymbalta, Norco (as needed). But non prescription supplements are L-tryptophan, Vitamin D3 (5000 units), 5HTP, Melatonin (5mg), hottub. Sometimes I will take a hot bath before bed with lavender epsom salts. Epsom salts are magnesium that your muscles need and the heat relaxes your muscles. These will help you sleep better and more pain free.

Most important treatment for fibro is to get into delta sleep. It is at this level you will regenerate the hormones that will help kill the pain. Otherwise, you have nothing in your body to fight with the next day and feel more pain.

Pain causes depression... not the other way around. I like Cymbalta because it's not just an anti-depressant... it's also a pain killer. I get pins and needle pain in my feet and hands and it is the only one that will take it away.

bonniecna 18 Oct 2010

Yes, I did have a sleep study and I slept thru the night, no probs... good REM sleep. Thru the years I've been on Ambien, Cymbalta, citalopram, benedril,Celebrex, Omeprozole(to protect my gut... I've had a duodinal ulcer) and so many more I can't remember them all.
Recently a new Doctor decided to test me for Lymes and Sjrogrens(all came back negative) as well as RA which came back Positive. My grandmother had Rheumatoid Arthritis so I expected that.
I also have Chronic Hep C and the doc wants me to believe that I may NOT have Fibro but complications from the hep C. NOT!!! I've researched and done CME's on Hep C at the website and there were no indications, at that time, that the symptoms I had correlated with Fibro.

tbragdon12 20 Feb 2013

I have just been prescribed nortriptyline for my Fibromyalgia, but my doctor has also cautioned me that the only real way to get your Fibro under control is with regular exercise. I have 4 kids, and am pretty active, but I still try to go for a walk every day. The problem with some of the medications especially narcotics is that there is a risk of dependence and that your doses may need to be adjusted. My doctor told me that the medications like Cymbalta and Lyrica don't actually really work. Fibromyalgia is really complicated and is worse for some than others. Mine was horrible until I got pregnant with my son. It's since become manageable but for the sake of saving the lining of my stomach my doctor prescribed me Tramadol so I'm not always popping ibuprofen. I have days where my body hurts and I feel like I'm in agony, but I've learned ways to combat it.

papillon327 20 Jul 2017

My experience has been that exercise can help or it can worsen my condition. Depends on what exercise I do. Pilates and yoga help, walking on a treadmill doesn't. Walking outdoors helps. Lyrica helped me tremendously but i did not like the side effects (fluid retention, weight gain and fatigue. Next I tried Cymbalta. It did not help as much as Lyrica and I slept most of the day and craved carbs. I am now trying a low dose of Pamelor. I will keep on trying until I find relief. The pain is intolerable.
Good luck.

richelle65 28 Mar 2015

i was just given nortriptyline for fibromyalga . has it worked for anyone as far as pain goes? free discount card

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