24 yr old woman/wife/mother of identical twin boys (5 months) and 5 yr old daughter who is at the end with this HORRIBLE FIBRO symptoms!

I was finally offically diagnosed w/fibromyalgia in 2009 and im just becoming more upset and frustrated reg. treatment options. I know there is no "CURE" per say but I need some advice on ANYTHING that i can try and ease my severe all over pain and stiffness as well as my fatigue. I just had a complete physical including blood work and i'm healthy in every other aspect..EXCEPT i have also suffered from "Complex Partial Seizures" since 2007. I currently take a benzo (xanax) to keep that under control as needed. I truthfully believe that my first and worst seizure triggered the fibro. It happend like clock work. SINCE i am epileptic i CANNOT take Cymbalta, Syvilla, or Lyrica (spell check on the medication names). Tramadol or Ultram was an option for pain instead of hydroc/norco, but i immedi. had a seizure. UGHH!! For the Fibro i take Celexa 20mg a day for the depression and "body aches" don't feel its doing much of anything. I also take Hydrocodone AKA Norco 10/325mg as needed for chronic pain. Now THIS is a lifesaver. It helps me get out of bed and live a normal (whats normal) life. If i stop the hydrocodone, i cannot function. The body pain is truly unbearable.
I just gave birth to identical twin boys on 11-10-11 so we have to add all that into the mix. NOT breastfeeding. I also have a 5 yr old daughter born on 11-10-06. crazy huh?
something needs to give guys, i cant take this hydrocodone/norco for the rest of my life! And i truthfully DONT WANT TO! My liver will fall out. It makes my fatigue 100 times worse and right now i need all the energy i can get. I now have built a tolorence to the norco and take over the recc. dosage per day. But i live a relativily normal life (married with 3 kids). I stopped working due to the twin pregnancy. I do water work outs at 24 hr fitness when i find the time. yes it DOES help, but not for long.

Please share your stories with me I feel so sad and alone. NO ONE around me understands that my pain is awful and somedays i cant get out of bed!! It hurts to blink somedays.

Please share your fibro stories and treatment stories with me as well as leave me some advice on what helps/works for you. Im willing to try ANYTHING!

What do yall think about getting into Pain Management? I dont want to be a "drug addict". I have no addiction history and feel like im dependant on these yellow pills! I hate it!

Thank god i have a supportive husband that helps with EVERYTHING and understands how bad this has gotten.