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Fibromyalgia - does Cymbalta help anyone with fibro? takes the edge off but some days are unbearable

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JenJen101 9 Jul 2013

hartil1 please please please do all of your research, I'm talking about reading anything & everything you can get your hands on, prior to deciding to use Cymbalta as a long term aid to helping you w/Fibro pain. Go to your Dr & ask them about what to do if you sometime decide to discontinue taking it, ask about any & all side effects, & discuss if your Dr plans on any additional medications to help w/your Fibro pain.
The reason I am stating this is because I've recently started discontinuing taking Cymbalta, due to horrible side effects which have started after 8yrs of usage. The problem I've faced is Cymbalta cannot just be stopped-you must ween yourself off of it very slowly.
Take it from me, the weening off process has been harder for me than any medication, including extremely strong narcotics I've taken for numerous severe surgeries. The withdrawals are horrendous, thus it has been labeled, "Cymbalta Withdrawal syndrome". There actually is a class action lawsuit at this time against Eli Lilly-the makers of Cymbalta, for numerous cases involving "brain zaps", & for w/holding serious information regarding patients who need to discontinue usage.
Just please do your research if you continue Cymbalta usage. Cymbalta alone did NOT help w/my Fibro pain, & after 8yrs of usage I wish I never started taking it. I'm currently battling severe anxiety, agitation, short term memory loss, worsening pain then I had prior to usage, atrocious sweating, shaking, fainting episodes, as well as numerous other side effects I could write a book!!! Please be careful-think more than twice about continuing using Cymbalta.

lady2882 10 Jul 2013

Hi JenJen
You are sure right about Cymbalta. I have been off it for 14 weeks but the first 3 weeks off were a true nightmare. I was on it for Chronic pain and it made it worse. I had to get something from my doctor for the anxiety.
I am now is worse shape than I was before taking Cymbalta and have anxiety issues that I've never had before.
Anyone trying to get off Cymbalta, please just get a SSRI antidepressant with a long half life or something for anxiety from your doctor to ween off the cymbalta. It is so much better than trying to just go off Cymbalta which has an insanely short half life and that causes the withdrawal side effects. You may end up on an SSRI anyway like I had to do so why not make it easier on yourself from the start. free discount card

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