time periods where all you want to do is sleep? I'm going to bed late and I awaken about 3 hours later, wide awake, GRRRR! Then I need sleep during the day, so it's a vicious cycle. I think I'm having a flare and definite fog.
Does THIS HAPPEN to anyone else?
If so, what do you do about it? I've got things I need to do, and feel horribly guilty if I don't make a perfect dindin for the family, or forget to make the bed, or blow off the laundry, have husband do it instead. I haven't made a really great dinner since Thanksgiving, and they are used to a good dinner every night. Ugh, the guilt!
This damned guilt is killing me! I WANT to do all the things I mentioned, yet I'm not always able to, and I NEVER vacuum- it's the worst activity for me. Also, does grocery shopping totally jack you up? It jacks me up bad!
What is YOUR worst activity, and how do you overcome the guilt?
Thank you, for any that offer their story, or add advice,