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My fibromyalgia is really bad today. does anyone notice if bad weather makes the pain worse?

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kaismama 14 Oct 2012

Definately it does. You can forecast the weather by me. lolol. Its been absolutely gorgeous here for the past few days, and its really helped.

suzy-q 14 Oct 2012

Thanks its windy and getting ready to rain. My muscles are also spazing really bad it my leg.

kaismama 14 Oct 2012

When its like that, I take those miserable legs to bed and turn on my elec blanket, the heat feels wonderful.

bnagoh 14 Oct 2012

Absolutely!! I lived in Puerto Rico for 15 years and then Florida but I recently moved to Chicago over a year ago and all my symptoms just sky rocketed since moving to Chicago. Still when I lived in the warmer climates my body changed with the months and it is always more painful in fall winter and spring no matter where I lived. Changing had a lot to do with it. Maybe air pressure or something influences the bones and muscles. You would think that they would figure out what it is so they can turn it OFF!!!

Inactive 14 Oct 2012

Yes, it's the barometric pressure! If it is anywhere near 29:50 and 30:50. It is awful for me and the closer to 29:95, the worst, for me!

butterflylynn 15 Oct 2012

Yes the barometric pressure has a Big effect. Also the changes of the seasons makes your pain worse.

Fibromyalgia makes simple things cause HUGE pain flare ups. It definitely is a battle constantly. Hang in there. Kathy

brenda fain 15 Oct 2012

i agree with all the others the weather plays a big deal on how our fibro acts up!!! i felt it turning cold before the forecast did!!! and mine seems to move around my body more when it's cold or chilly out!!!

quarkster73 15 Oct 2012

I can tell you what works for me when pain is severe I take one lyrica and one hydrooxyxine (hy droks e zine sorry about the spelling Q

Inactive 15 Oct 2012

I totally agree with the others responses. I have felt like a meterologist for years. I can usualy predict the weather two days ahead of time if it's going to rain or snow. My husband is the same as he has fibro too, & we just huddle up with our heating pads on these miserable days. It does help if you can keep moving, but I totally undestand what you are saying. You are definately not alone...

Darling Di 15 Oct 2012

I like what Kaismama said so I will be investing in a heating blanket soon!!! That sounds fabulous. Up until this last week, no one could get me to turn the AC off!! Lol.

Inactive 15 Oct 2012

Actually, there have been studies that prove that barometric changes affect fibro.

sparkle34 15 Oct 2012

Yes it does. The last wk my flare up have been terrible. I hurt so bad i cant hold anything. My fatiuge is bad i cud sleep all day. At night i hurt more at nite so i cant sleep. I can tell when its gonna b cold ir gonna rain.

Dumpster Diver 16 Oct 2012

Yes Suzy-q, my aches and pains repond totally to the weather. Especially,
the rain and damp, dark gloominess. D-Quared

suzy-q 20 Oct 2012

Thank you

Frkncrkn 16 Oct 2012

I notice the rain and cold effect me and makes pain worse. I can tell anyone two days before rain is coming. I'm still trying to find relief from the effects the weather plays on me also.

friendless 18 Oct 2012

The weather ABSOLUTELY makes the fibro worse. I have Fibro, RA, and OA and I always know when there will be rain. Humidity also bothers my conditions as well as extemes in weather which is really fun since I live in New England. Good luck

fibro nanny 22 Feb 2013

Barometric changes are terrible especially during tornado season! I feel like my neck pressure is going ti blow my head 50 ft in the air :(

Inactive 23 Feb 2013

YES, I'm having one of those days today. My doctor gave me extra Effexor for days like this. Try heat & ice, hot baths and keeping warm. I find the cold makes me worse too.

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