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Fibromyalgia - Has anyone suffered soft tissue injuries since their diagnosis?

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ldmumof3 4 Dec 2012

hi, i've had fibro 19 years now and i have had numerous soft tissue injuries in those years. My doctor told me its the tendons and ligaments that are to blame, they become alot more plyable than they should be, and then obviously the muscles are affected with the fibro. Mainly my injuries would be in my hands/wrists and especially my ankles/feet, too many to count. Hope this helps x

turner4eva 4 Dec 2012

Thanks! I have now torn my rt hip labrum while performing physical therapy. It consisted of gentle walking for no more than 5 minutes. My muscles tighten so quickly especially with the weather changes of New England making some days where I cannot get out of bed. I tried pool therapy gently pool therapy and a massive flare up happened. My body is on fight or flight mode and I am not handling it well. I wish you well. Thanks for answering my question letting me know I am not alone. Be well! free discount card

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