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Fibromyalgia - Anyone receive disability for fibromyalga?

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pancho2013 31 Mar 2014

Yes. My mother does and I know of several other people. I have it too at the age of 26... MEAN MEAN! Have you recently been diagnosed or have been living with it for a while? Considering applying for disability?

nattygksmokey 31 Mar 2014

I get disability living allowance nut im trying to get the high rate mobility as I cannot walk far with out aids

LindaC49 31 Mar 2014

I received disability for my fibro and a combination of other conditions. I got it on my first try. The reason for that I think was the numerous conditions I had and my age (62). My first condition that I put down was my osteoarthritis,fibro,carpal tunnel and a couple of others. These were all documented. Put your most severe condition 1st. The more documentation of tests, blood work , x-rays, mri's and so forth will help. Any questions please ask. Good luck.


Fragilexmom 1 Apr 2014

I was approved @ age 48 years. But it was with other diagnosis such as Fibromyalgia, diabetic II with an insulin pump, stroke, neuropathy in my legs and feet, kidney disease stage 3, asthma, and spinal stenosis. Denied first time. Schedule to see the judge had to get a lawyer. So it was a real journey. The younger you are the harder you will be approved. Mary

pc197241 9 Apr 2014

Ive been on disability for fibromyalgia pain for about three yrs now. Amazingly enough, I got approved the first try. I think it was because, as u also know, fibromyalgia isnt curable. I worked with people at the local social ysecurity offices in filling out bunches of forms. I also had many doctors, from the mayo clinic, writing supportive letters and sending associated pertinent information about my conditions. If u need help with applying/obtaining disability, id be happy to help if I can. Good luck to u, and dont get impatient with the process! Everything in its own time... free discount card

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