I take NORCO 10/325, 6 times a day (loosely 'scheduled') to take the edge of the pain (which it barely does these days),

Zolpidem/Ambien for sleep, Atarax for sleep, Neurontin for pain relief during the night, and supportive supplements (not to forget my trust KOMBUCHA drink). Oh, and
Cymbalta & WellbutrinXL (for pain & the associated depression). Whew!

More NORCO and more Neurontin do NOT help after a certain point. [I've added Midrin (migraine medicine) when the migraine gets out of control (I'd be on it always if I wasn't 'selective' with it), but it is rarely helpful the past few months.]

Any suggestions for
1. a temporary adjunct pain medication, or
2. a more effective pain regimen?

To be honest, I've felt, on occasion, a bit desperate these last few days of this 'flare'. (Kind of like when I was in labor & the contractions were 'on top of each other' with no 'break' at all).