I did for a couple of weeks, and at first I felt better, as if there were a rebound effect with MR's. Yet the last few days (which have been stressful btw) the muscle cramping has come back as bad as it was before. Any ideas, educated guesses, or jokes regarding this?
Also, do any of my fibro friends have stingy sort of pain?
A friend (from the site, thanks mindy) sent me an article about fibro that was great, and in that article were these words, which I use daily to describe the pain, The Voodoo Doll Effect, it's as if I'm getting poked with pins or some silliness! I know how ridiculous the Voodoo Doll description sounds, yet it FITS perfectly!!
Please tell me I'm not alone in these odd descriptions of my pain? Anyone?
(P.S. I've had the week from hell, my husband was in a roll over accident, he is FINE, but I'm without my SUV now because it's totalled, and many of our family members have been ill. I know stress plays a role in fibro, but I roll with the punches pretty well, at least I thought I did!!)
Sorry gang, no humour in this yet, but we can let it denigrate into a Lara Q, and get silly and have fun!!
I just want to know I'm not alone with this weird pain!
Love to all,
sweet lemon (sorry for being so verbose!)