... years.
Earlier this year, it got really bad and wasnt going away. I had a infection in one of lymph nodes in my left breast. It was awful!
It cleared and with a change of diet and taken Vitamin E & Primrose oil I had no issues fir three months bliss!
However its all flared up again, most painful it's ever been nothing is working not even pain relief.
I started having breathing problems and have just been told I am suffrting from panic attacks.
I had two last night & a little one today, def pain related.
I feel so helpless, if someone said tomorrow I will take your breast away... on my son's life I'd take it & never look back.
I have 4 lumps in one breast and three in the other, the size of them takes up most my breast tissue on one and half the other. Along with one travelling up my chest going towards my collar bone.
Is there a possibility of have both breast removed? Or has anyone had it done? As that procedure is mainly for cancer or future cancer risk patients.
But I can't live like this, sometimes I feel so much pain & helplessness I want to give up