I tried to post and must have hit a wrong button, so if this question shows up twice, my apologies.
I live near the coast (about 15 miles inland from Galveston). I am wondering if it is at all possible this hurricane Irene could be causing me some pain? I had trouble with my left knee several days ago. Nothing life changing, I was able to take some ibuprophen and was fine. Two nights ago I woke up in the night with the MOST excruciating pain I have had since my knee had surgery on it several years ago. It took me about 5 minutes to get it to straighten out. It was seriously pretty bad. It was the next day that I learned there was a hurricane brewing. I am just wondering, could the two be related? I know, or have read, that weather CAN cause a flair up, but it almost seems far-fetched to me that a hurricane that is still out in the gulf and not even (last I checked) heading my way. I have been feeling pretty good other than these few occasions. Well, actually, i JUST put it together literally just NOW, that my back has been bothering me today and yesterday. (my husband and I were just talking last night about how I haven't had to use the heating pad in so long. But, sure needed it last night. And, am on it now. Could I be experiencing 'flair ups' due to the weather change that is SO far out in the ocean from me still? I have mentioned on here before that I almost feel guilty about being diagnosed with fibro, because reading so many posts from others that are in such a bad place they even lose their jobs. I don't fit in that category... don't really know where I fit. :( As, I was given the fibro pamphlet and while going over it, it was like someone had been readling my medical history. I checked off all but about one or two of the symptoms, however I just feel so guilty compared to others on this site. Anyway, sorry for the ramble but just curious what others thought. thank you. ~Jillynnie

Guess I gotta add to the ramble..rather than have to start another question. How long do flair ups last? is it something that just happens and then goes away after a bit? I am not at all educated on this. I was diagnosed with fibro when I went into the neuro for disc bulging. I did have pain for several months of this, but the dr stated that millions of ppl walk around every day with bad backs and don't even know it because there is no pain attached. So... was THAT a flare up? Or, was a flair up my knee that just lasted a few minutes?

Okay, really stopping now. Sorry for such the long post. I hope it doesn't seem so long no one wants to read it. I mean, seriously, if you wanted to read a book you would have picked something, ANYTHING other than THIS! :) lol