Dear friends, I hope the site will allow this question to remain up! I have heard many people say their fibro seems related to weather conditons and I know I feel worse when storms are coming. Thursday, I had pain so bad, I almost took a lortab, but I have this theory that it is the barometric pressure, and not the rain. When I was hurting so badly, the barometric pressure was 30:09 and falling. Once it dropped a bit, I was better. I did NOT take the lortab, but was tempted as 2 ALEVE barely did anything for the pain.. I have been largely symptoms free for several years, but we are in storm season where I live along the gulf coast. Would anyone else be on board to track barometric pressure when they feel pain from fibro the worst. Actually pain from any conditon, even if it is NOT fibro related, can. Start tracking it. I know once it starts raining, I am usually so much better, but I really feel its the pressure change, and not the rain itself, that brings relief. Thanks, your friend, pattishan61