About 3 weeks ago I started waking up with swollen feeling hands. They don't LOOK swollen, but they feel like I have them in heavy gloves. I have to open and close them several times before they 'feel' normal. They don't hurt, just feel... big and..well... swollen. Does anyone else have this? I don't know if this is due to my medication, or fibro. I am currently on 30mg of Cymbalta, 50mg of Amitriptyline and 4mg Suboxone.
Also, the past 3 days I have been wakened in the night with severe pain on my side and have to switch sides. It is truly painful and I have to change sides very slowly. It feels like when you have been sitting cross-legged for a long time and when you go to straighten your legs out and your knees hurt from sitting that way too long. Any ideas, family?

Thanks for the feedback!

Love you guys!