Hi fam,
Just an update as promised. I met my neurologist (seems SO much more interested in my care than my previous one). She ordered an MRI of the brain to rule out MS. Will have it done Mon or Tues next week. Told me I don't present with MS physically and also due to my age (just turned 50 a few days ago) thinks it will come back 'clean'. :)
She said I DO present classic Fibro. Since I have not had any luck with current meds, once we are sure we have ruled out MS we will then attack the Fibro, trying the last med that I have yet to try... Lyrica. Will go from there.
I have a massage appointment at 3pm (bought 2 one hour massages for $25 on Groupon) and am looking forward to it. I am fatigued (as always) but, I had a massage in November and felt better the next day than I had in years!
I read on another person's post where Mary mentioned the memory foam bed. I am with her and sometimes need help getting up out of bed at the moment. My husband purchased a Tempurpedic bed for my surgery last year and I have to say that I can't imagine how much worse I would be feeling right now without it. SO glad. Bed is my friend.
Not trying to beat a dead horse, just posting as I said I would and thanking each of my dear friends here for your continued support, encouragement and prayers! I am looking forward to answers and implementing solutions so I can once again have the energy (mental and physical) to be on the helping end of this site soon.

Bless you all,