I was recently on cymbalta 60mg for fribro & depression. It was not working for either, mobic 15 mg a day for fibro, zanaflex 2mg 3 times day for fibro, restoril 30mg for sleep, adderall 20mg two times a day for adult adhd,klonopin .5 mg 3 times a day as needed for anxiety. I went to an actual psychiatrist & this is the changes she made due to my depression @ this time is not bothering me severely so to say so here goes. Took me off the cymbalta which was for the fibro & depression(it was not working for me, took me off the klonopin, took me off the restoril(it kinda-sorta worked), took me off mobic, she left me on adderall only. I was to taper off cymbalta. That day I was to drop down from 60 to 30 mg cymbalta, just stop taking the klonopin(this was an as needed med, so I didnt take it everyday), just stop taking the restoril(I have horrible sleep issues), stop the mobic & zanaflex. So I was to drop down to the 30mg cymbalta & take for only one week then quit. That was horrible. I had the worst withdrawels from the cymbalta or maybe the mixture of meds she took me off of. The klonopin not being taken regular I dont think really effected me coming off of it, I really think it was all from the cymbalta. I had severe dizziness & bad achy feeling. Anyway she wanted me to only continue on the adderall. So adderral is the only thing i would be on until I went back for my next appointment in a month. During this time I had severe anxiety issues, not sleeping much of any, etc. I went back for my monthly appt & told her of the bad anxiety issues I had began having & the worsened sleeping issues. She then continued my adderall & added elavil, I forgot the dosage it is a tiny green pill, I think the lowest dose it comes in maybe. It has helped some with my sleep. I made a change myself to try 2 of them @ night & this is working awesome. Since starting the elavil I havent been anxious or depressed. So this seems to be a keeper. My only prob now is the fibro pain which has been horrible here lately, mostly my lower back is what bothers me the absolute most. I discussed this with her. I know she is a psychiatrist & they normally wouldnt handle fibro but I was hoping she could help with it all b/c I hate having so many docs to go to. She mentioned pain management but said she didnt want to send me to one & them get me addicted to pain pills. I can understand that but I really need something for this pain. She also said she wasnt sure if a pain dr would "treat" firbo since it is not just one area of the body. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I might discuss with her next week @ appt about tryin for the fibro pain. I am totally against lyrica. I have heard bad things from a few people & do not want to gain all the weight I have heard from people taking it that comes with it.