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Fibro friends, what do mean by "breakthrough pain"?

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MichellePerez1027 31 Dec 2011

Its pain that breaks through your regular pain control regiment. Like if you lift something heavy and it causes you a lil more pain than usual, the pain regiment you are on may not be enough to contain that extra pain. So you take a breakthrough pain med aka xtra pain medicine to keep you pain level the same.

ElizaJane23 1 Jan 2012

What was wrong with this answer? To whoever gave the "thumbs-down" - please, share with the rest of us your basis for giving this answer a "thumbs down". ElizaJane

Inactive 1 Jan 2012

Michelle, i thought you answered fine!?
Happy New Year and all the best to you, minda

Inactive 31 Dec 2011

Hey Minda, what I view as breakthru pain is the pain you experience inbetween your regular doses of meds. If you are on a 6 hour schedule you may need to go to a 4 hour schedule. If you are on an extended release pain med the doctor will sometimes give you extra 4 to 6 hour pain meds if you have extreme pain inbetween the extended release doses . That about explains it. Hope this helps you understand it...

Inactive 31 Dec 2011

Mary, thanx for the info. Since I just started my first med Savella I figured I had to just wait the lagging of the relief till the next dose. I tried a higher dose but my mind and eyesight disappeared. Myy now Ex doc acted like she did me a huge favor just addressing my fibro At All!! This is NY and they are crackin down like crazy on pain meds even for old broads like me. Seems the bad guys always ruin it for the rest of us. Mary, you are in my thoughts with prayers all the time, You are my hero in many ways considering all your pain issues. We just can't let the bastards keep us down lol lol. Happy snd healthy New Year to you and yours, minda

butterflylynn 1 Jan 2012

Happy New year Mary may 2012 bring all of us better heath this year. Also my thoughts & prayers are with you & your brother.

butterflylynn 31 Dec 2011

Looks like you have great answers here.
I am not sure if you are on a extended release pain med or not if not you may ask if you can get one. I have been on extended release pain meds for about 10 years & never found it necessary for a breakthrough med. I know there are times I might have needed some but due to the high dosage of opiod med I am on I would not want to add another pain med. The times I am in additional pain it is usually due to me pushing myself to much. Talk to your dr. if you feel you need it but also talk to your dr about a extended release med. Good luck & have a Happy New Year may 2012 be a better year for all of us.

Inactive 31 Dec 2011

Thanx Butterfly and the Best to you too!

Hrmnee 1 Jan 2012

So you have your regular level of pain, but then you do something that aggrevates your pain, and it gets worse... that is breakthrough pain. I always jokingly called it 'bonus pain'. A pain Dr. might give you a base medication for your regular pain and then something else that you can take during flare-ups. Its called breakthrough pain because it "breaks through" your base pain medication. free discount card

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