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I have fibermy I have been on lyrica 75mg every 12 hours but still have alot of pain why?

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kaismama 11 Jun 2014

Because fibro is enormously hard to treat. You probably need more lyrica, and maybe some cymbalta. I see a pain dr too, and I still have pain, because pain meds don't help us that much. I'm on gabapentin and he's increasing that too. Its more a case of learning how to live your life so that the disease has the least impact. Light exercise helps, take a walk, it doesn't have to be a long one. I manage a block and a half to the convenience store. It makes you feel better all the way around. Then there is the good old heating pad.

pamee 11 Jun 2014

Hello Tammy,
Talk to your doctor about an increase on the Lyrica. I have taken up to 450mg lyrica and if you still don't feel a little relief try gabapebtin. Nothing takes the pain away completely with fibro or other chronic pain issues. Stretching exercise and walking is good to do with fibro. I hope you feel better soon. May God bless you,

Painismyname 17 Jun 2014

Because you are not on a high enough dose. When I first got on lyrica they started with 85 mg and I said it's kinda 25% working so he upped it to 100 mg then 200 mg then 300 mg 2x per day and that is good sometimes I think I need more because I know it works but it wears off by the time I go to bed. free discount card

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