My fiancee has been undergoing treatment for hepatitis C for about 4 months at UAB, of which has cleared up, and his liver is fine, but he still has about 9 more weeks of treatment with pegasys, and co-pegasys to go.
His "pain" doctor referred him to UAB, and I'm so happy that he did, but before he went for treatment his "pain" doctor had him on heavy doses of several different medications, two of which are hydromorphone 4 mg taking 2 pills every four hours as needed; and, morphine sulfate 30 mg taking one pill every 8 hours as needed for pain.
His hepatitis C has cleared up, and according to UAB doctors is getting better, but his"pain" doctor INCREASED the mg in his morphine sulfate from 30mg to 60mg at the same dosage schedule. He was already almost like a zombie before the increased dosage, lucid at times, able to function at times, wasn't eating well though. Now he has been on the higher mg for two days, and he is behaving like someone with Autism; he's walking around talking to himself, repeating over, and over again, moving things in and out of cabinets, behaving like he is having halliucination, won't eat at all, and I'm affraid for him. He has already lost about 70 lbs.
I feel like I should report his "pain" doctor to someone, get him another doctor, and in the mean time give him half of the dose of the morphine sulfate so he is only getting 30mg. Yes, I had to take the pills from him so he won't abuse them.
What can I do, or what should I do? We have no insurance, but he is able to pay his "pain" doctor every month, and get about $250.00 worth of medications every month(his mother has been helping him with it, but no one is rich in our families)