Doctors prescribe antibiotics that are not needed to people and should know better and decline any requests. People may feel that need them for minor illness that the immune system will naturally fight off. Antibiotics can make the immune system not function properly, making the illness worse. Not taking the antibiotics the right way or not taking all of them can cause big immune disorder problems. If taken correctly plan on following with Probiotics. Since last year after using antibiotics for a while (the right & wrong way) is when my allergy problems started. After long term antibiotic use I have something wrong with my immune system that I'm being treated for now. Ask to be tested for an immune disorder by a MD. Just get a FLU shot before winter time and have some Zinc throughout the winter with some mint leaf grean tea by Yogi. You will not need antibiotics. It will make things worse.
Antibiotics should be controlled. Very Simple.
Bees are polluting the air heavily with pollen lately.
Dandelions increased 100 times where I live in NY.