I am 48 and I take 60mg adderall for ADHD and lexapro 20 mg for manic depression Dr just put me on .5 klonapin in the morning and 1 mg of klonapin at night I have been on lexapro since the middle of october 2017 and its like for the last couple of weeks its not doing anything for me I'm more depressed than ever like life is just not worth it anymore I have been on Prozac Paxel celexa cimbalta wellbutrine and nothing seems to help with depression I am on klonapin for anxiety and panic attacks but this depression is really kicking me is there anything else I can try that won't interfere with my two other meds I don't have high blood pressure I'm not anorexic I eat very well I have also been on lithium depikote tegretol before Dr figured out I was ADHD doing great as far as clarity goes and finally able to live a normal life accept for this depression oh and I took seriquel that made me literally go crazy so its out of the question thanks for listening