Please don't scare me with your answer, Im quite sensitive. I have panic & gad with depression. Have had it for several months. I get this feeling in my stomach I can't fully explain. It makes me feel like my diaphragm is tight and I can't get a proper breath.
My Dr put me on Zoloft, I am now on 100mg and have been for about 2 months.
Im far better than I was, rarely getting full out panic, but I am still quite depressed at times and still feel the tight stomach/chest symptom which really bothers me a lot. On top of that I feel very aggravated with my 3 year old son. Hard to play and enjoy him like I want to so badly. I want to be better so bad and hope that someone out there has experienced much deeper healing after 3 or so months on Zoloft. I am hoping I am wrong in thinking Ive plateaued and will remain this way.