1. Can I get pregnant if I have sex when I first start taking my first set of placebo pills?

2. Ive read that sperm can live in the vagina for a few good days. If there was still sperm in me and I forgot to take my pill the next morning could the possibly impregnate me?

3. Many people say they take the pill but they have ended up pregnant. Is this just because most of those people who ended up pregnant did religiously take the pill and would not accept and take responsibilities and instead say they "took it and it didn't work"? I know the pill is approx. 98% effective so I was just wondering if its so effective how could so many still be pregnant..

4. Ive heard our hormones or immune systems (IDK) sometimes override the Birth Control Pills causing them not to work. Ive already read that people over a certain age, weight, etc will also make the pill less effective. I am 18, 5 foot 5, and just 123 lbs. Would Mononessa still cover me? My doctor did not exactly "check me". I just said I wanted BC and they started me on this because it was "what you start people on".

THANK YOU! I tried to be medically correct in order for you to get a clearer explanation of what Im trying to say :) Hope it helps!