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Does Fetzima give you severe abdominal pain?

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masso 17 Mar 2014

Anything you might considered severe must be looked into, now it is not listed as a side effect as such, but again the word severe concerns me and I would recommend a visit to the ER, better safe than sorry.

tinyceleste 7 May 2014

Nasso, that was March; this is May. Slow on my emails lately,
but I want to report that since increasing from 40 mg. to 80 mg. and then a few weeks ago to 100 mg. of Fetzina,
I too have had very odd, unusual-for-me,
stomach and side pains.

Also, since last I posted on this drug, soon after I switched from 80 to 100 mg., I've also had sweats, dizziness, have fallen in the street, wobbliness, insomnia and fairly severe back-of-head-aches. So as of this morning, I have tapered off. ( I left a msg from my psychiatrist.) These side effects have all gone.

Fetzima is not the worst drug I have ever taken for depression,
but since it is such a new drug, I think it is good that we let others on the same drug know our symptoms/side effects. Thanks all for being here. free discount card

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