I started to bleed a month after the first shot so I went to the hospital and was given Oracon F.The bleeding only stopped for a while and it started.I decided to buy the same pill from a pharmacy and started taking for a month and at this point I had a second shot... 3 wks after taking the pill,I started to bled.I decided to buy another pack which I took.Everytime I stopped taking the pill,I could bleed even for a month..and could take the pill but not finishing the course just to stop the bleedin…I had my third shot and the problem continued so I decided to go for 2months but the problem continued and everytime I could take some pills just to stop the bleeding... After the 2months shot,I decided to stop Dep provera and only took microgynon or aracon F from february this year until in july... am really confused cause I want a baby.This all happened from December 2015-July 2017..please help