Hi there, here's all the facts:
Been on Ortho Cyclen since July 5th. Have taken my pill everyday, within 5-10 minutes of eachother. Used condoms to be extra cautious, and while I was on antibiotics both in July and September. I take a GNC vitapak that the pharmacist told me shouldn't interfere with my pills.
Last month I started using a generic of the pill (Sprintec) and noticed I now get my periods on Monday night, rather than Wednesday. Does that mean anything about the effectiveness?
And my main question/ my boyfriend and I just stopped using condoms this past week (monogamous, both tested before we had sex, and again after several months before not using condoms). We had sex both Thursday and Friday without condoms, and I noticed Saturday and today (Sunday), that I have an egg white mucous. Not a lot, but I've only ever had that once before, (a month ago exactly) and it was right after sex, so I assumed it was just my natural lubricant. But I'm a bit worried with this being the generic and starting my period sooner. I worry that it's not as effective for me. I'm on day 7 of my second pack (of generic, but the pharmacist assured me I wouldn't need to worry, since it's the same pill), and I have just never had this discharge before. Initially I thought maybe it was his semen mixed with my mucous, but it seems like it's been long enough that I shouldn't have that.
Obviously no one can tell me for sure, and I'll know in two weeks if I get my period as expected, but I was just wondering: is having egg white mucous while on the pill a sign that it isn't working? Is it just our fluids having mixed? Should I consult my doctor and request the original pill, not the generic? (I'd much rather pay for my pills monthly than any costs that come with a baby.) Thank you to anyone who offers and help or insight!