Is "Ferrex" less potent when adding to an iron pill? How would you know if you're allergic to this? What benifs do you get from Ferrex? Isn't the iron pill alone enough to give the body what's needed? I was thinking of taking Geritol.. I took it for a little while as a young girl reaching my teens. It really made a sufficient difference. I didn't want to stop taking it, but my mother didn't purchase another bottle. I don't think she realized how good it did for me. Walking to school I was always behind all the other children walking and the last one to get to school. When my mother started giving me the Geritol I'd not just stayed up with everyone, I could pass them. I wished my mother had of known! I don't even know why she started giving me a dose of Geritol, unless it was a bottle she or Dad didn't no longer want to take. It was a blessing for me, though it was short lived.