I am 54yrs old and am now dealing with the long-term effects of 35+ years of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had my left knee replaced last year and my left knee will be replaced in two weeks. I've had my right wrist & one finger fused. My other wrist & shoulder are next in line. I also deal with significant facet arthritis in my lower back. I work full time. I've been on 50 fentanyl patch & I weaned down to 25 & Dr. wants me to drop to the 12 patch for the next two weeks & I've also been asked to stop NSAIDS & Methotrexate. I still need to work & help elderly parents & family. I understand the reasoning but I need to function. Will decreasing from 25 to 12 make that much of a difference? I dropped to 12 last year but my RA wasn't as active & life work wasn't as crazy. Scared! Thank you!