My Dr spoke with me today and suggested fentanyl spray 800 mcgs. I was told when the pain peaked I would/could use it to lessen the pain. Since it is a spray how many will be needed to help relieve the pain? I have been back and forth over the years on pain medications and the best I had was Demerol doc says this is better than Demerol 50 mgs. My appt is the 12th of January and I wanna get some information before I see him. I had the fentanyl patches after surgery but never a spray. would one squirt work or would I do 2 or 3? I can't find information about how long it takes to give me relief etc... What would one dose be equivalent of ?. I was on a new medication called Zohydro a month ago but it didn't help much well at least for a long long time after I took it. Is the spray fast acting? 800 mcgs seems to be a lotta medication so I beg to know how many mcg's is 1 spray of fentanyl please. How long to get relief? How often may it be taken (I read wait at least 3 hours somewhere) but if one spray doesn't work why take another?. I want some knowledge so I can ask questions when I see my Dr. I don't wanna go in there unarmed so to say. I hope I can get a little more knowledge and understanding before and hopefully after. Actually I am afraid once again. Do I keep spraying until the pain is gone or wait awhile? Please provide any and all information no matter how it may sound. I want the good and the bad about this medication PLEASE!