... 2months ago, reluctantly because of things I read. Now I'm on 50mcg and Hopeing to stay at this does. I get concerned cuz I sweat easy, but they work well and stick with no problem with the tegaderm tape. What I have found is people who are just wanting to be JUST pain free seem fine, there are just healthy precautions we take. But people that want to feel high and be pain free seem to have so many problems. I choose the button that said people who just want pain relief. Then there's another says people who use Fent for purposes other than pain. I used to be that way so I'm not coming down on anyone but it does me no good to read people finding reasons why something don't work because they can't feel it. It is natural to want to feel something, it makes us think somethings really working, when you grow and get wiser and have had pain for so long, I am really greatful now that I am happy just to be pain free.
I don't even take breakthrough meds its just not worth it to be on two narcotics. Plus anytime I have had breakthrough pain with medicine this strong, the pain goes away sooner or later. Keeping things simple is the best thing I can do for my own good and health. So I joined this group to just share and get others take on your experiences. We can keep eachother from harm, as being new on these. I'm sure I can be comforted and learn what not to do and what to do on these.
Thanks Everyone for taking time in reading this.
God keep and bless you