... seemingly too low for me, but also my insurance will only pay for the 25 mcg/hr patches OR the 12 mcg/ hr patches, NOT both at the same time. I have met my deductible so 1 RX is free, the other charges me $60+. If I were just on the 50 mcg. patch my co-pay would be $0 again! Plus, I just lost my job this past month by no fault of my own. I am RX'ed 'Sandoz brand only' as they stick and work best for me and my local pharmacy orders them for me each month on top of things as it is harder to find brand consistency wearing 2 diff. mcg patches. Also, I can barely keep the 3-day schedule straight when I'm only changing one patch (in past) let alone 2!
I have an Appt this morning with the prescribing doctor of the patches. He is rather conservative & last visit he said he did not want to up the dose from 36 mcg to 50 mcg.
This was before I had met my deductible & the price issue came to my attention & also before I lost work.
Perhaps if I mention these points to him today, along with the fact that I have been on this (as I understand it) relatively low & unusual dose for 3 months longer than last time.
Anyone have any ideas of what I can do here? My breakthrough med (Ultram) is definitely not helping much at all either!
How can I appeal to him that the 50 mcg/hr patch seems like the best solution overall here??