Today when I went to pick up My prescription; the brand had changed to PAR has anyone use these before? I have used the Watson brand and I wasn't that impressed on those, they fell off all of the time and it seemed the medication was not seeping into my skin. There was a brand that they had started using; I cant remember the name. But, it seemed to work the best for me. It was given a lot of negative feed back in this forum when I first received them so I automatically had a negative attitude towards them. But, they turned around to be the best ones I've ever had!! They were durable and most of all delivered the medication properly. But they were bulky and a little itchy~~ They were a perfect square with green writing on the seal you pull off!! Also in a white box with a big green stripe across the middle. Anyway, can anyone help me out to find if the PAR brand 50mg are any good? Have any of you tried them and what was your results? and if any body knows of the brand I was speaking of prior to this month; the ones that I was using until my pharmacy quit carrying them? oh, by the way these had no gel in them. But they worked so good it wasn't even funny!!!