I have been on Fenton all patches for quite some time for many years and I have used Watson and all of a sudden my pharmacy stopped carrying them and all pharmacies not stopped carrying them my pharmacy orders the watson brand and stocks them now they have Mylan and idk what to do? why did they stop carrying my watson brand?? Or the resvior types?? iv tried Mylan and sandox and I don't work the same for me anybody know of another kind that works better or you know of A patch that go delivery system is better I have such chronic pain I'm broke my back when I was 18 migraines and I have had three hip surgeries this year and it's all the way down my femur I am at open wound that you can fit a fist into him I've been in chronic pain since I've been 10 in on the patches for a couple years now and I can't believe they stop making Watson reservoir kind please help anyone if you know anything and if you use a new kind of patch and it doesn't work can you bring it back to the pharmacy?